Advertisement management system

The project Advertisement management system is a web application, which is used for maintaining the advertisement for each and every customer who has providing advertisement to the advertising company. Each and every customer has own advertisement. Before providing schedule to the customer the administrator gets the full information about the customer meanwhile the employee details are also maintained here. Employee maintaining the advertisement according to the customer.


Advertisement management is an web application proposed for website owners running their own websites. The application can be used for one main publisher, unlimited advertisers. Allows you to serve and manage all of your advertising. No restrictions. Advertisers purchase ad space on your websites. Ad Server Solutions is a complete commercial grade advertising, serving and management solution. Ad Server Solutions helps web site owners efficiently manage, serve and report on online ads while monetizing their content and increasing revenues.

Advertising management is the process of overseeing campaigns that seek to inform and attract consumers regarding a particular good or service. This process begins with the first stages of the market research that helps to create the advertising strategy, moves on to the development of the general outline for the campaign, the creation of a specific plan of action and the launching of the completed project. Without effective advertising management, ad campaigns and public relations efforts tend to founder and produce little or no results.



Existing System
The present system is maintained in Ms-Office and manual register. The advertising agent prepares the advertising report and evaluates the schedule. The register is maintained for day-to-day activities, then posting is done to another register. In this system lot of time is needed to prepare the maintain schedule.

Disadvantages of Existing System

In manual system large number of notebooks for each department is maintained.
Time taken is more and transaction is slow.
Modification or any correction is very difficult and errors occur frequently.
Manual works take more manpower.
Security of the processing system is very low



Our proposed solution, advertisement management system is to eliminate the drawbacks of the existing system. It is designed in such a way by keeping in mind all drawbacks of the present system in order to provide a permanent solution to the problem. The primary aim of the new system is to speedup the transaction. The report is prepared for the customer. The employee maintaining the advertisements and the ads are keeping based on date, month and year wise.

Proposed system
A detailed system study was carried out and various objectives were then formulated.
Instantaneous retrieval of any type of information.
Generation of Query based reports.
To provide administrator for maintenance of all the master files.
Database should be strict used with minimum redundancy.
Database security should be provided.
Provision to select values from a list of values than enter values, so as to minimize errors.
The proposed system should be capable of achieving the aforesaid objectives.
The most common reasons to introduce PROPOSED SYSTEM
For Reducing man Power
For Accuracy
For Better Customer Service

Download source code Advertisement management system

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