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Analytics Solutions



Analytics Solutions is an application, used for service providers and buyers.

This application facilitates the service buyers being able to post their buying requirements and the service providers being able to place their best bids in order to get the job.

This is a client-server application designed by keeping in view the various activities that are performed between service buyer and service provider. Service buyer may be an individual, small scale industry or organization, which deals with any business activities, which may require software application; they can post their own requirement in our portal. Service provider may an individual, small scale business or an organization, who bids on the requirement provided by the service buyer. Then the buyer may choose a service provider to complete the work. Payment will be made by the buyer through escrow.

More than one number of bidders will make their bid on the job, depending upon the bidders experience on the work, schedule of the work, quotation made by the bidder; the buyer will choose the service provider.

Buyer and service provider can able to communicate through private message board. This system also facilitates sellers and buyers about the present project status.

Payment terms will be mutually accepted by the service buyer and service provider. The payment will be made through escrow through Analytics Solutions. The escrowed amount will be released by the buyer after completion of the work. The service provider then can transfer their money in their own account of Analytics Solutions to their bank account or to the paypal account.

The buyer and service provider can able to get their reviews only when the buyer paid through the Analytics Solutions. The review points will be helpful for the buyer to show their performance of service through Analytics Solutions.

Meanwhile the service provider not able to complete the work, the buyer can refund the amount from Analytics Solutions. Hence the buyer can report a violation on the service provider for any incomplete work.

Problem Statement

Analytics Solutions should have an effective web-based administrative panel and has the capabilities to manage users, projects, financial transactions like escrow details, master management system etc.

The buyer and service provider must work confidently, the service provider must get the payment from the buyer without any problem, similarly, the buyer must get the good service from the service provider.

Existing System:

In the existing system, the buyer and service provider cannot work safely. There is a chance of fraudulent using the system. Buyer or service provide may get disappointment, either in case of service provide not giving proper quality or buyer not paying properly.

Disadvantages of Existing System:


Proposed System:

Advantages of Proposed System

In the proposed system, the buyer and service provide can work confidently. Here we would use escrow concept to avoid disappointment for buyer and service provider.

The buyer money is going to be on the safer side that after completion of satisfied work, buyer can release the amount to service provider.



User Management
Post Project
Browse Projects
Manage Account
Account Details
Edit Account Info
Provider Activity
Buyer Activity
Payment Transactions


User Management:

User Management is used to create new user to the portal in which we have to give all information about the user which will be stored in the database. We can display mandatory information from this page to Account Details page.

Post Project:
Here the Buyer can post his/her project including all information pertaining (For example Budget range of the project) to the project. Buyer can choose the Provider depends on their experience, budget range and number of days to finish the project. The Provider and Buyer can interact through the Private Message Board to share their views.

Browse Projects:
Browse Projects is used for Service Providers to browse the projects which were posted by the Buyer. The Provider can browse the project according to his area of experience and knowing about that project then he /she has to bid that project & should provide the required information to the buyer if the Buyer is satisfied with a particular Provider then he/she will give the project to them.

Manage Account:
Manage account module is used to provide necessary information to the user such as account profile of the user , updating the account details of the user, if the user is provider the provider activity section provides required information to them, if the user is buyer the buyer activity section provides information about them and also having the payment transaction details.

Account Details:

Account details are used to view the registered user details.

Edit Account Info:

Edit Account Information is used to edit the user details. Where we can modify users (for example address, area of expertise etc.,) details and save it.

Provider Activity:

It is used to maintain the details about the Provider’s Projects, which is having bided projects details such as project name, bid range, started date and ended date.


Buyer Activity:

It is used to maintain the details about the Buyer’s Project, which is having Project status, Posted project name, Bid range and ended date.

Payment Transactions:

It is used to maintain the payment transaction details such as Deposit money is like choosing payment method, Transferring money to an Escrow Account, Transfer money to the User and request money to withdrawal.

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