Budget Planner

Budget Planner

1. Title of the project: Budget Planner
2. Domain: Open Industry
3. Sub Domain: Finance and Account Division
4. Project Architecture: N-Tire Architecture
5. SDLC methodologies: Waterfall model
6. Abstract of the project:
This project is aimed at developing a system by which the employees in the organization submit the bills to their managers. The bills could of various types and also of various amounts. The employee after submitting the bill will automatically provide the manager’s name to which the bill will be submitted. The bill will pass through a workflow process and the owner of the bill can view the status of the bill at any time. An email will be sent to the concerned people to let them know about the status of the bill.

The software is fully integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as well as CMS (Content Management System) solution and developed in a manner that is easily manageable, time saving and relieving one from manual works.

Functional components of the project: Following is the list of functionalities which is expected to be provided by the system:

1. User will log on to the application and the login will be based on the role of the user. The user will directly take into ‘My open requests’, where the user can view the details of the request and can also view the status at which the request is.

2. The access to the system will be based on the roles. The roles will be based on the type of department the user belongs to.
Details are:
(1) Any user can create a request by login to the system, the parameters for creating the request will be
Name of the user (should be defaulted from the login)
Dept of the user (should be defaulted from the login)
Type of the bill being submitted (e.g., telephone bill, electricity bill etc)
Amount of the bill
Date of expense incurred
Whether the request is supported by the bills
Whether the bill amount should be credited to the user account in the bank
Bank name, address and account number
Any other mode by which the user will want to get the payment

(2) The manager of the user should be able to view the details of the request but cannot modify the details entered; he can either approve the request or reject it. Every time he performs and operation the approver has to write the comments for the same.

(3) Finance Manager – there will be number of finance managers and each finance manager will be responsible for 1 or 2 departments. Users in this role can only close the application, they can only view the requests and after crediting the amount to the request creator the request will be closed by the finance manager

The workflow process would be

User creates the request
Request is send to his manager, this should be done automatically. An email should be sent to the manager and also the request creator with the details of the request.
Request creator should be able to recall the request from manager, if the request has not been acted on else it cannot
User if not sent to requestor can cancel the request altogether as well
User can save the request in draft mode without sending to the approver
Manager of the concerned request creator can view the details of the request but cannot modify.
Request once approved by the manager is sent to the concerned finance dept manager
If rejected the request is sent back to the request creator.
In all the above scenarios an email should be sent to the concerned parties for necessary action
Finance manager after receiving the request has to credit the user account and has to send the request to the creator with proper comments as appropriate.
Now the creator will close the request after the amount has been credited to the creator.
After sending the email, the system will keep checking on the daily basis on the status of the request, if no actions is performed in 24 hrs a reminder email is generated which is sent to the user email address as stored in the database.

Screens should also be provided to the administrator of the system to create the employee as well as their manager.

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