Call Centre Management

The project “Call Center Management” automates the operations of a call center by giving replies to the customer’s queries. By adding more entries to the data base store, the application can respond to more number of queries from the customers. The importance is given on giving correct reply to the input queries.
The process of the call center management can be easily explained by means of the Data Flow Diagram. The project gets the queries from the various customers and stores them in a centralized data store. When there are number of queries the queries are stored up in a queue and then the queries are processed one by one. There are separate blocks called data recognizer for recognizing the data, i.e. queries, and data interpreter for interpreting those queries. The input query from the customer is first recognized by the data recognizer by comparing with the entries in the data base store. In the database the solution for each and every query is stored and maintained. Then it is interpreted as what type of query it is and how it should respond to the query. The input query is compared with the queries in the database store. The solution for the input query is founded. The information service switch switches the application between different type of distributed services. The final result, the reply to the customer’s query is obtained at the end.

The project “Call Center Management” automates the operations of a call center by giving replies to the customer’s queries. By adding more entries to the data base store, the application can respond to more number of queries from the customers. The importance is giving correct reply to the input queries. A mail service is provided to send information from the call center executive to the customer. In turn customer can also send mails to the company regarding the clarification of their doubts about the product details and the company details.This project has 2 modules. These are
Chat services
Mail services

Chat application help to the company to provide a source of directly solving the entries of the customer through the call center executive. When ever the customer call the server name and put for the some queries, these calls are directed towards the executive who in turn chat with customer and clear the queries. It involves the following sub modules
Administrator Level
Executive Level
Customer Level

The mail services is provided to the customer and the call center
administrator to communicate between them. The company should also send mail to customer during the features added to the existing product and price variation in a regular fashion. It involves the following sub modules.

The organization maintains their existing application in Visual basic and data in MS Access tables. This application can not be worked out by their product interested customer residing at their remote location. This application is effective in a LAN network and not suited for internet application. Some of the processes are performed manually. The organization has no suitable application for maintaining the whole set of the business operation. Thus it takes more time when the process is performed manually.

Difficulty in global updating
Database tables are not normalized.
System is insecure.
Time consumption is high.
The proposed system solves the drawback of the existing system and works satisfactorily. The proposed system is a good management information system. The proposed system is supposed to handle as many number of customer as possible in any particular time. The mail service is also provided to have a communication between the call center executive and the customers. The customer queries should be periodically referred and the solution should be provided quickly.

Information are generated about the communication between the administrator and the customer and supplied to the top management.
WebPages developed are validated at both the server side as well as the client side.
Separate tables are used to store separate information
Data manipulation is easily done.


This project Call centre Management has been designed and developed as per the specification. The project is very simple for clear understanding. The code written in this project is very clearer. Many statements that make the code unclear are omitted. The system is tested with various sample data’s.

This package developed is tested with sample data, which were to provide the satisfactory results. After the system has been implemented, the maintenance of the system should be very easy so that the forthcoming changes can be made easily. This has been developed is so flexible that the change can be made easily.

Some of the error handler modules are also used. Thus all this features makes the project success.

The project feature can be further enhanced with all authentication and logon information by encrypting the data when transmitted over customer and the textile web site. In addition, it is possible to configure windows 2000 server networking for further firewall security so that all data that passes between a client and server is secured properly.
Enhancing various elements, which are not required for the current set of the business process, can further develop the project. It should be possible to check the authentication then there required by any personnel of the Call Center Company. This would help in avoiding the non-authenticated users modifying the data improperly.

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