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OBJECTIVES                             We aim to become a pioneer in the vehicle rental industry by completely focusing on customers, our employees, growth, innovation and efficiency. All of these elements will drive us towards success and show us as one company that can perform and give value for money. This Service will make A manager to think of whether the transportation is expensive and maintaining quality or not.
SYNOPIS       We aim to become a pioneer in the vehicle rental industry by completely focusing on customers, our employees, growth, innovation and efficiency. All of these elements will drive us towards success and show us as one company that can perform and give value for money.
Product DescriptionWhen it comes to cab rental services, This Service is the most trusted and reliable name in the travel business. The most advanced travel agents offering cab rental and car hire in India, making full use of information technology to improve the level of our efficiency. However, this is only one aspect of services. And this project continually strive to offer the best of services – both in terms of man and machine, to our clients. Moreover, this project has  a fleet of cars ranging from luxury to budget cabs. While, it offers online cab hire service for corporate houses. And this project claim to offer the best of rates, which are tailor-made depending upon the facilities, availed and offer both intercity and intra-city cab facilities. All cabs have proper permits and documentation so that the clients couldn’t be hassled for the lack of documents. However, this project has strategic backup system for any eventuality. Cab drivers are educated, polite, and reliable and are trained to handle acute breakdowns. The cab service includes all categories of cars from luxury to budget. Further, this project’s utmost priority is quality. To achieve this, vehicles are well maintained and tested for delivering optimum and uninterrupted performance. Team of professionals in the travel business enables this system to design trips that suits to all budgets and preferences of the travelers. In addition, workforce including drivers and administrative staff are well trained to discharge their duties with a lot of efficiency.

Existing System                     Car rental Service is an innovative thought to simplify the Transportation problems of Employees of an organization. In the present System, Organization do maintain a person for the allocating and proper functioning of transportation .The Person appointed needs to look after the assigning and movement of cabs.Authorised person maintains the transportation details in papers, which is a tedious task if any updations or changes need to be done.Details are stored in Papers.Maintenance is a huge problem.Updation, changes in details is a tedious task.Performance is not achieved up to the requirements.
Proposed System In the Previous System,Details are Stored Manually in papers,to share the details between employees was a Financial drawback. Updations in the details is a tedious task.But a new system was proposed to overcome the above drawbacks.Functionalities and advantages of proposed system are:Data is Centralized which has overcome the Sharing problem in previous system.As data is Maintained electronically, it’s easy for a person to update the details, which has overcome the tedious updation in previous system.Maintenance is easy and performance is good.Mainly the system has automated the Transportation Process.
Modules of the Projects:Admin moduleHR moduleMaintenance  moduleMovement moduleFinance moduleQuality Assurance module
Admin ModuleAdmin is  the Super user of the system, he is responsible for the  creation and maintenance of the accounts to the sytem.Admin is responsible for the creation  of  different kind of managers.Admin looks after the maintenance of these accounts. He has a feature of getting the password of a username ..HR Manager                  In Real world,Hr manager is responsible for the human resources of employees in an organization.As Transportation is also an facilities provided  to  an  employee, HR is responsible for providing the transportation by cab .Here HR is Mainly used to register the employees for the cab facility ,after registering employees,he is the person to make shifts and Batches .Totally the functionalities of HR manager is to Maintain the Employee, Shift  details and Batch scheduling.Maintenance Manager
Maintenance manager is one of the user in the system,main functionalities of this manager is to add vehicles,drivers and vendors of the vehicles.Maintenance manager is responsible for maintenance of the these details and making the spare parts billing to the vehicles. The Maintenance manager is responsible for the Spare parts billing,  registering the vehicles , drivers to the vehicles, mostly the vendor details and date of purchase of vehicles. These details provide  Manager  whether the cabs are providing profit or loss.

Movement Manager
Movement Manager is  one  kind of user in the system  who is responsible for the creation of Driver shift details,route details.He is responsible for the Vehicle allocation and maintenance of  the tripsheets of the Cabs. Here Movement Manager has  facility to search shift details and the Route details.Movement manager is  not only  to create but also responsible for the maintenance of the driver shift details,route details ,trip sheets and Vehicle allocated details.Finance Manager
Finance Manager is  a type of user in the system, he is responsible for the  cost estimation of the vendor,vehicle billing and viewing the feedbacks posted by the employees on the events as accidents and the driving nature of a particular cab.The Feedbacl posted by employers give the quality and performance of the cabs,by this result managers get a chance to improve the performance  of the transportation to get profits.Quality Assurance Manager Quality Assurance Manager is a user in the System,He is responsible for the Maintaining the Quality in the transportation, to provide Quality he checks the performance by maintaining the feedbacks from employees and the accident details of the Cab. Here Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for inserting and maintaining the Accident details, by this details he requests for the finance manager to provide the Amount to the damage .Thus by amintaing all these details,Quality Assurance manager can give the Quality transportation facility to its employees.

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