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E-TESTING systems are widely adopted in academic environments, as well as in combination with other assessment means, providing tutors with powerful tools to submit different types of tests in order to assess learners’ knowledge. Among these, multiple- choice tests are extremely popular, since they can be automatically corrected. However, many learners welcome this type of test, because it does them properly express their capacity, due to the characteristics of multiple-choice questions of being “closed-ended.” Even many examiners feel the real effectiveness of structured tests and knowledge.
The purpose of the system is to develop Online Examination System., used to test the Domain knowledge of the students, and employees with respect to the particular technology. The manual procedure used for conducting exam is time consuming process and error prone due to human limitations. The System purpose is to completely automate the old manual procedure of conducting exam to Online Web Based Examination System.

On-Line Examination is web based application for technical evaluation. This application covers evaluation of candidates on different technologies like C, C, and Java/J2EE and mainly financial exams like FFP (Finance Foundation Program), BFP (Business Foundation Program) and IB (Investment Banking) related to Banking Domain.

Existing System:

In the past, several experiments have been carried out to track learner’s behavior during tests by using the think-out-loud method, learners were informed of the experiment and had to speak during the test to explain what they were thinking, while an operator was storing their words using a tape recorder. They simply conducted the test in online.

Proposed system:

In this paper, we present a solution enabling the Recording of learner’s habits during online tests without informing them of the underlying experiment and consequently, without asking them to modify their behavior, this potentially yields more realistic results.

1. Admin Module
2. User Login Module
3. Test (Client) Module
4. Database (Server) Module
5. Analysis Module

Module Description

Admin Module

In this module, Admin creates the login for the respective users. This admin module allows the admin to allocate appropriate question files. The admin has the right to view to see the performance of the user’s while writing the test.

User Login Module
In this module, creates the login for Admin and Role based user. The creation of the admin module includes file allocation for a particular role. The user login includes appropriate roles for the user.

Test Module
The test module includes the test pattern for the user. The questions are selected from the database based on respective technique.

Database Module
This module contains the questions with correct answers. The user selected answers are verified against the correct answer.

Analysis module
The analysis of the user behavior is done with the user’s answer, time taken for each individual answers, total taken, question type, etc. The graph is plotted by using the above values.

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