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Objective: eCOMMUNITY is a free online, international peer-reviewed portal covering topics in the field of events, discussions, articles, etc.

This project is an all-purpose solution; it provides information on different issues that are suitable for a union, Association, firm, nonprofit organization or any type of similar organizations.
It packs all the useful information related to above said organizations in one module. So it is very simple to build the community.
This Project provides the following modules:
Events provide the information related to new events occurred in recent times.
Links to different areas such as knowledge based sites, New Discoveries etc.
provision to view the news & articles posted by the administrator
Provides discussion environment on various issues with global community.
Admin area to manage the administrative tasks.

The ECommunity provides no of services to the users in terms of events management, classifieds, discussion board, news etc depending on the handling of this ECommunity it is broadly divided into two major modules. They are

Events Module
Events Module displays and manages event data. These are event information submitted by users or by the administrator to share with ECommunity users. Event information contains name, date and description fields as well as location and fee information. Event page displays summary of future and past events and search form for both of them.
In order to view event details, the user clicks the “More…” hyperlink that is shown below event’s name (in bold). This navigates into event detail page.
ECommunity users/visitors may submit own events by clicking the “Add Your Event (subject to approval)” hyperlink positioned below the event list. This navigates into event submission form that accepts event information, registration and PayPal payment details (if applicable). Submitted event must be approved by ECommunity editor/administrator in order to display in ECommunity.
Each event may be configured to allow others to register for the event and/or to accept PayPal payments on behalf of organizers of the event.
ECommunity administrator can approve events and make changes via the administration section.
If an Event is configured to allow User Registrations, users can register for this event by filling out registration form located on event details page. Additionally, the user who submitted the event (usually event organizer) can view the list of registered users on the same page.
Links Module
Links Module manages hyperlinks to external sites. Links page displays searchable list of active links. By clicking the “Add New Link (subject to approval)” hyperlink located below this table one can submit own links by filling following form.
New, submitted links must be approved by ECommunity editor/administrator in order to be active and shown in the Links module.
Classifieds Module
This module allows users to submit and view categorized ads. Ad data includes name and description of trade object (if applicable), location and contact information, as well as the amount and expiration date. Classifieds page displays searchable list of active ads. The Classifieds page also provide an option for submitting new classified ads.
Newly submitted ads are immediately placed in ECommunity areas but may be modified or deleted by the administrator.
Discussions Module
This Module allows users to participate in threaded conversations divided into thematic forums. Each forum is assigned a user that is moderator.
The main Discussions page displays active forums, which can be searched via provided search box. After selecting a Forum, the user may view searchable list of discussion threads, including author and last activity date. Selecting the thread title navigates into thread view page, which displays the original message and all replies to it. The user may also reply to this thread by clicking “Reply” button. Similarly, the user may click “New Thread” button to create new thread.
Messages may be edited or deleted by their author, forum moderator, ECommunity editor and administrator. The “Edit” button is placed in forum thread list and can be seen by any of the above users.
User Registration And Login
First-time ECommunity user can register to access restricted ECommunity areas and services using “Join Us” button located in ECommunity header. The registration form can also be used to modify user information if the user is already logged-in.
The user is logged-in if the welcome message contains user name displayed below header buttons.
All new users are automatically assigned Security Level 1, which allows them to participate in ECommunity community activities. The Administrator (Level 3), can upgrade security level of a user to Level 2 (Editor) or Level 3 (Administrator).
Additionally, the Administrator has options to configure email notifications so that users receive Email Confirmation upon successful registration. They can also retrieve lost password via email.
ECommunity Administration
The Administration Module is accessible only to Editors (Security Level 2) and Administrators (Security Level 3) and can be used to manage ECommunity content and configuration.
Most of the administration pages are organized as two page editing schema. One page contains list of available items (optionally with searching capabilities) and by clicking items in this list one can navigate into another page containing a form for modifying item data or entering new item data.

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