Energy efficient and provenance based trust routing for delay tolerant networks

Delay tolerant networks (DTNs) are often encountered in military network environments where end-to-end connectivity is not guaranteed due to frequent disconnection or delay. This work proposes a provenance-based trust framework, namely PROVEST (PROVEnance-baSed Trust model) that aims to achieve accurate peer-to-peer trust assessment and maximize the delivery of correct messages received by destination nodes while minimizing message delay and communication cost under resource-constrained network environments. Provenance refers to the history of ownership of a valued object or information. Interdependency leveraged between trustworthiness of information source and information itself in PROVEST. PROVEST takes a data-driven approach to reduce resource consumption in the presence of selfish or malicious nodes while estimating a node’s trust dynamically in response to changes in the environmental and node conditions. This work adopts a model-based method to evaluate the performance of PROVEST

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