ERP Management system

ERP Management system:


Enterprise Information System is an enterprise-wide information system designed to coordinate all the resources, information, and activities needed to complete business processes such as order fulfillment or billing.
EIS system supports most of the business system that maintains in a single database the data needed for a variety of business functions such as Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Financials, Projects, Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management.
An EIS system is based on a common database and a modular software design. The common database can allow every department of a business to store and retrieve information in real-time. The information should be reliable, accessible, and easily shared. The modular software design should mean a business can select the modules they need, mix and match modules from different vendors, and add new modules of their own to improve business performance.
The project ERP Management system is used for maintaining the product and purchase information for each and every vendor who has registered himself into the system of ERP management.. Each and every vendor has own records. Before assign the product to vendor, product and vendor details are collected..
A ERP management system is used to affect the product purchase through vendors including purchase, sales, returns, payment, damage of product . The for each purchase of the product tax is assigned .margin has been set for the product
and vendor. Master database has been created to keep track of entire details of vendors, product registered and the related
information such as payments, returns, information about the damage product registered by the vendors.

It maintains the reports of the individual’s reports day by day. Increased visibility into actual time spent on tasks
of enrolment and payment phase of any management.


2.1 Existing and Proposed System

Existing System:
Transactions are done manually.
Time consuming to do the process again.
Files are not given for the access.
Chance of Data loss.
Accessing is slow.

Proposed System:
Client can continue the communication with server.
Data loss is avoided.
Client can Speed up the access.
All the service can be provided without any problem.
Files can be easily accessed.
Works are divided to their teams.

This module consist of sub modules such as
Vendor profile
New vendor register him self here in this sub module by providing is name, address, city, phone no, area of vendor
Specialization etc, vendor id is automatically generated to provide a unique id for each vendor.
Stock profile
In this module all the necessary details regarding product stock is registered so by providing the product id, name,
quantity and price per quantity.
Order profile
Order module is for registering or ordering the product and quantity of product required and quantity required per order
Purchase order
This module deals the purchase of the product with the automatically generated order id and the quantity required.
Tax setting
Tax setting is used to decide and register the tax and vat percentage for the product purchase based on the amount of the
Vendor margin
Setting up the margin for the vendor for the products available in the database .
Product margin
Setting up the margin for the product available in the stock.


This module consist of sub modules such as
Purchase entry used for making the order for the particular product by providing the invoice no, invoice date ,product code ,order and including tax and vendor can see the his purchase history of the particular product their itself .
Sales entry used for managing sales details on the basis of the vendor ,the product and order he made including tax.
Returns based on the purchase or sales are decided .
Vendor make payment using the choice made available to them such as cash ,check or DD.
Damage has been registered in purchase as well as in sales module .

In this module search for the vendor margin, product margin,purchase order,product order based on the name and id provide for each of them.

Reports has been generated using crystal report for various department which are discussed above .such as vendor margin, product margin. purchase ,payment, sales , stock etc and they are generated as per the request of the user such as between date ,by name ,by id and by code .


Manual maintenance of all activities in any industry is a difficult task. Computerizing all activities will be very helpful which leads to easy maintenance.
Hence this project aims to develop a complete solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) for any i industry. For any industry, the main areas to be projected are sales, purchase, production and personnel departments. So this project automates all the activities of above-mentioned departments.
Sales department activities like maintaining the outgoing of everyday and incoming details from the production department, sales details from the customer are computerized, so that these details can be got easily from the company whenever needed. Production department activities like maintaining both the raw material details and finished goods details become more difficult when they get more orders are computerized, so that these details can be got easily from the department whenever needed.

In production department, the company purchases all raw materials from different vendors. These works have to maintain in the system and process should be flexible for all it’s updating.
Personnel department activities like maintaining personnel records of vendors and prepare the required reports are computerized, so that these details can be got easily from the department whenever needed.

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