Hostel Management System

Hostel Management System

Hostel Management system is the system that manages the student data, staff data students’ admission process and create receipt for the fees paid by the student who stay in the hostel and also help in maintaining visitor’s messages.
The “Hostel Management System” of the organization is developed to overcome the most of the problems occurring in the manual system by computerizing the existing system. The features of the newly proposed computerized system are described in brief as below:
After computerizing the system, the committee of the organization or the user of the system can finish their work in least amount of time and efforts. The computerized system has many gains and efforts, which the manual system can’t give, in any type of situations.
In any manual system if we take, the main problem arising is to maintain the number of records and finding a particular record. In manual system the user has to not down that the check-in and checkout of each and every student and also deliver the messages of each student given by the visitors and which is very tedious task, but in the case of computerized system the user just has to enter once and automatically all the messages delivered by all the visitors will be displayed and thus the user does not have to worry because all the work done is automatically and the system itself.


Existing system is based on manual work and all the process are done manually, so they maintain registers and files for recording all the details of the system.
They maintain several registers for recording the entry of daily transactions such as visitors visited the hostel, visitor drop the message for a particular student, etc.
They maintain the record of the students so they keep each and every information regarding the students in the student master file. In the similar fashion they maintain the records of their fees so they keep each and every information regarding their fees details in the fees master file.
They keep the bill Book or receipt Book to maintain the record for the fees collected by the student.
They maintain the register or Book for staff so they can pay the salary.
Thus maintaining Staff information, Student Information, Visitors information, Check-in and Checkout information and all the things are done manually.


The manual system of “ RANAK Hostel” is to be computerized in order to overcome the problems, which affects the existing manual system. Computerizing the existing system with the help of some programming language, database package ease the work of the system up to a great extent.
Generally, there has been a criterion to work on any job or task for a specific purpose. Nobody works without specific detailed information about the particular task he is performing. Thus, any transaction can be performed either student admission or fees collection or check in and check out. In the computerized system, the first screen of the system would be a welcome message and a list of menus. These menus contain the options of either collecting the information of any student or Hostel or the number of seats available in Hostel, etc.
Any transaction can be performed in Hostel Management System i.e. routine processes.
After the transaction is completed the user can log off from the system by simply quitting from the system.
The main objective of the proposed system is to help the user. The system can be handy to the user in the following reasons:

To provide quick and efficient means for gathering the student information along with their rooms, Fees of Student and finally the Check in and check out of student.
To automize the work such as gathering student information, posting message, gathering staff information.
To automize the different types of reports.


User management
Fees maintenance
Visitors and employee management


The login screen for logging into the system is shown above. As soon as the user starts the system he/she faces the login screen where the user is asked to enter the username and password. To log into the system the user have to enter correct username as well as password. After entering correct username and password and by pressing Login the system checks for valid username and password of the user. If the username or password is not valid then it doesn’t allow logging the user in the system and gives a prompting message of invalid username or password. If the user enters correct username and password the system log the user into the system and opens the main system form where the user can perform different tasks available in the system.
An important thing to note down that this “HOSTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is the multi user system, so different user have different passwords, so to login to the system the user has to give its own password otherwise the system will give a prompting message that the password is not valid.
If the user is administrator than he/she has all the rights to the system, but if the normal user logins to the system than he/she does not have all the rights such as creating a new user, deleting any user.

User management
The User menu contains two sub menus, and they are described below one by one:
(1) Add User
(2) Change Password

When the user gives the user name and password at login and if the system determines that it is the normal user than for normal user the system describes the User option. When the administrator click on the Add user menu which the sub menu of User options and then the screen given next will be displayed


Registration module is used, in which the user can Add new Student, Save, Edit, Delete, Search a particular Student, Cancel the operation, the user can also move to First record, Next record, Previous record and Last record and finally exit from the form.
We can enter the details such as Room Number, Student Number, Student Name, Studying, floor, birth date, any disease if he/she have, bloodgroup, institution name, address, study in which year, branch, father name, relation, occupation, income, phone number Related to the student user can also have to enter the student nearest guardian details and their phone number which help them in emergency. The system also provides the Search facility of the Student, so the user just have to click the Search button and the user has to select the appropriate Student number than its particular details will be appeared to the screen. Here the user can search by different fields also as institution name, phone number.

Fees Maintenance
In this module, user can Add Fees Details, Cancel the operation finally exit from the form.
We can enter the details such as Receipt Number, Amount, Description, Received By and Date, Deposit, Total fees, Paid fees. By selecting the student no from student number fields and user can add fees for that particular student. You can add the entry of the Student fees to the database using this module
Visitor and employee management
In this module, we can add Employee Details and visitor details.
We can enter the details such as Employee Number, Employee Name, and Birth date, Qualification, City, Pincode, Designation, Joining Date and Salary, contact Address and Contact Number.
We can Add the entry of the new employee Details to database.

The Reports module contains Four sub menus, and they are described below one by one:
(1) Student Report
(2) Student Details
(3) Visitor Details
(4) Employee Details

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