Human Resource Management System


Modules Are

Human Resource Procurement contains five modules and these includes

1. Registration Module
2. Requirement Module
3. Testing Module
4. Selection Module
5. Account Module



The main objective of the Registration process module is concerned with the candidates applying for a particular position. As the registration is done online, the candidate can access the website around the clock.

The candidate can also list out their preferences online and can also quote their criteria regarding their job and in accordance with the qualifications.

Once they register their resume, they are relieved from the burden of job hunting and their jobs directly come over to their job steps.

The consulting organization puts upon the requirements of their clients
Companies on their website. The candidates thus have the choice of applying for the particular positions he would like to acquire.
The process in all provides job satisfaction to the candidates, as well as assurance to the company in posting the eligible candidates.

The short listed candidates who are qualified for the particular position are send to the respective company for the different terms of interview and group discussions. The time, venue, date and the attested forms are some important documents which need to be taken by the candidates to the specified company.


The selection process module is concerned with the reconciliation of the job requirement and the applicant’s qualification.

The candidate qualification is scrutinized and the appropriate person is shortlisted. The selection process is vital to the organization as it deals with the proper analysis of the qualification as well as the his skill sets which means a lot to the recruiting company. This helps to reduce the burden of the clients in searching candidates and will help to post qualified candidates with in the time limit.


Soon after the candidates skill sets is scrutinized by the company themselves they can come to a conclusion regarding the candidates to be selected.

The existing system is not flexible as all the procedures with respect to both the candidate and the recruiter is done manually. This increases the paper work of the company which includes the application by the candidate for the job; the resumes submitted etc.The advertisement work of the consultancy is better noticed online rather than banners or any other mode.

The candidate going to the consultancy directly and applying for a job is time-consuming. The other constraint is keeping track of all the resumes at a time. Thus, there arises confusion because it will be intricate to check all the resumes and notify the requirement for a certain job. Therefore the existing system is


Not flexible
Involves large amount of paper work
Time consuming process
Slow Updating and Retrieval of Information.
Cost huge And Unpredictable


The proposed system eases the work of the HR recruiter and also provides utmost support to the candidate applying for the job. The candidate any where in the world can get know about the requirements. This also helps to know the candidates who were short-listed by the consultancy. This helps the company to place qualified and eligible candidates.

The advertisement can put up online by the company and the resumes could be sending to the company simultaneously.

A company can put their advertisement in this site so that it helps to improve their sales and more people will come to know about their company.

This helps the HR to select the candidate as per the requirement available online. At a time, a numerous amount of candidates can apply for the job. There is global access to the site and therefore it as advantageous to both the recruiter and the candidate applying for the job.

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