Job Portal System

Job Portal


The main objective of the Job Portal is to design and develop a web service which is a place for Job Seekers and Job Providers to meet. The data base is used to collect all the details of the job seeker and provider. Job Portal collects multiple resumes from the Job seeker and the job provider is provided with the data required as per need of the company.

Designing and Implementing Job Seekers & Job Providers

The aim of this module is to collect data from the user; he may a job seeker or a job provider. Both of them are potential clients to Resume Art. A user should be registered regardless of whether he is a job seeker or a provider. In this module we register the user and collect as many details as possible about the user.

Designing and implementing Resume Database, job database

The aim of the module is to create a resume for all job seekers asking the details about the experience, education, skills, affiliations and references for the project

Designing a resume search engine

The aim of the module is to design a dynamic search engine for the Resume art data base which can provide data for the job seekers and job providers.


Existing System

In Previous cases Job Providers have a lot of work. (i.e.) Consultancy shows the number of resumes which have different qualified candidates. Then select the right candidate at right time is very tedious one.
In the existing system, everyone can retrieve the job details. It has no security.


Proposed System

This project “Job Recruitment in organization”is basically created because of the difficulties faced in the existing system.
In the Proposed system, Job Providers works are reduced by the ADMIN.Admin shortlist the qualified candidates as per their Job Providers requirements and this list is send to the Job Providers.
In these Processes, Consultancy business runs in an efficient manner. Also Job Providers and Job Seekers have all benefits through this project. In the Proposed system provide more security.



Job provider
Search Engine


Users of the Project

Job Providers

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