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‘Art Gallery’ is web applications which can be maintain the details about the followings.You can upload images and share with Friends.Comment in image gallery, you can send messages send images.View galleries. Post comments on gallery images Also I include a download facility in the dynamic header update method.
Problem Definition:
Art Gallery consists of the details about gallery which can be stored the images in this.And also useful to upload the images and share with friends to that image. By using this web application we can send messages and images to a particular person or friends. It can be useful view the all galleries.    Existing System:
Present system is manual. It also maintains the user information in records. Which is much of time consuming process and more importantly it is error prone.
Limitations of the Manual system:
It is time consuming It leads to error prone resultsIt consumes lot of manpower to better resultsIt lacks of data securityRetrieval of data takes lot of timePercentage of accuracy is lessReports take time to produce
Hence Computerization of the existing system is proposed. The new system completely removes all manual burdens and provide efficient on the entry system.
Proposed System:
In Present System can maintain one organization. In that can be consists of all details of the social works.

It can be consist of 3 modules.1. Admin.2. User.3. Viewer.Admin Module: In this module can maintain the all information about the gallery details and view the gallery details. It maintains the feedback of the viewers and check their comments. User Module:  In this User module can be consist of the address book, files and comments on gallery. He can maintain the details about his friend’s which can be store the details in his address book.Viewer Module: In this Viewer can view the images and messages. And also can be maintain the feedback of the viewers. And also view the gallery details.

Download Source code Online Art Gallery

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