Online Share Broker

Online Share Broker
Online Share Broker was created to help you manage your investment with maximum simplicity and ease. With a few clicks you will be able get your trading or transaction in order and your portfolio performance quantified. This web application reflects your portfolio’s position based on the information you provide it with. Online Share Broker is designed for those who have little or no understanding of shares and is designed to arm you with a basic entry-level understanding of share Market.
Modules are as following:
1. Member Module
2. Agent or Employee Module
3. Share Module or Share Trading Module
4. Share Market Module
5. News
6. About us and Feedback Module

Module Descriptions:
Member Module.
Here, the module defines the information of customer or member to provide membership. His Personal details, bank and account details. Whether, the person using credit card means, card type, card number, card validity time. Further, new member should create his own login name and password. Using Login name and password only a is member authenticated. Only, authorized users can enjoy some more privileges like buying share, placing order view share details etc.
Agent or Employee Module.
A caring strategy was given to agents, like trading shares. So, an agent takes tactics and conscientiousness for trading. If dilemma encounters, particular agent can trace out easily. For agent information are flawlessly maintained in database. Auxiliary, calculating the profit/loss caused by particular agents.
Share Module or Share Transaction Module.
Strategy involving share transactions are define in this module. This one vital module. It has the subsequent as below.
Share details: Only authorized member can view the share details. Members provided with two options, general share Market view or they can choose scrupulous companies shares, so that they make decisions
Buy Share: Here member can place an order for share. Accordingly, share details view.
Transaction: This task is done by only the agents. They trades share to the member depending upon their order time and rate. After, the transaction is done, bill for payment passed to corresponding member. If, member didn’t pay the amount, the particular transaction is roll backed to next customer.
Payment: According the bill number and Transaction Id member will pay the amount. Member can pay the amount in any way as follows Cheque, Demand Draft, Credit Card.
Whether any problem with payment, transaction roll backed.

Share Market Module.
Presents detail trading technique that involves the simultaneous purchase and sale of identical assets or of equivalent assets in two different markets with the intent of profiting by the price discrepancy. Further Provides whole information ongoing share market. Gainers /Loser details, general profit/loss etc.
News Module:
This is a general module all viewers can view this page. It provides you news headline, general news, news about share market etc. Additionally, we can upload our own news here. Uploading is allowed only for members.
About us and Feedback Module.
This is gets feedback form viewers.
It also illustrate about process going trading process and about company. This module is more helpful to browse through our web application.

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