Patient Care System




This web based product is designed to addresses the critical requirements of health care system. This project enables better patient care, patient safety, and efficiency. This software is for hospitals and health care organizations. It is designed to integrate the different information systems existing in these organizations into one single efficient system.

This project will support multi location implementation, wherein the hospital has Outpatient, Inpatient and other services in many physical locations.

This project provides enquiries about the patient, the patient’s location, admission, and appointment scheduling, treatment details, patient’s case history and discharge details with bill. Medical Record such as case history of the patient keeps an abstract of clinical data about patients. It allows easy retrieval of medical records on patients.

Problem description

Problem faced by the medical practitioners in private practice, clinics and hospitals to keep up with the daily challenges of managing patients is increasing. Managing patients with their clear medical records is found to be more complicated in these industries.

It is therefore necessary to develop software to face these requirements.

Problem solution

This product is designed to meet the challenges of managing patients in private practice centers, clinics, hospitals and health care centers. With the help of patient systems that deliver convenient access to records, scheduling and patient care tracking, they can boost productivity and patient satisfaction. This project provides physicians and easy access to the data.

Module details

Room Allocation
Case History

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